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No relaxing vacation is complete without having a place to get some grub! The Washington peninsula is home to some of fantastic restaurants. Some of them are in Ocean Park, others are in Long Beach.

The Best Restaurants in Ocean Park, WA

Plenty of renowned restaurants have opened up here, so if your stomach is growling, it's the perfect place to explore for the day. Let's walk through some of our favorites!

1513 Bay Ave, Ocean Park A delicious blend of Polynesian and BBQ cuisine. Anybody who loves the saucy scents of either of these two kinds of food should be thrilled by this restaurant.
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Great Day Cafe

31508 J Pl, Ocean Park The Great Day Cafe is a family-focused diner with a lot of personality! If you want homemade cooking at a cute eatery, then this restaurant should be your top pick.
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Kiss of Mist Espresso

25311 Vernon Ave, Ocean Park Seeking heat early in the morning? Then make your way to the local coffee shop, where you can grab a cup of joe in one hand, and hold a breakfast sandwich in the other.
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